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In memory of Uncle Alistar

Uncle Alistair was a gentleman straight off the Scottish moors. Even his own family in Australia at times had difficulty understanding his board Scottish accent. Uncle Alistair died only a few weeks after visiting family here in Australia and he expressed to me the pleasure of his stay at Bulwarra Bed & Breakfast. This is what his family has to say on his behalf and their stay here:

Finding "Bulwarra Bed & Breakfast" was a godsend.....

Alistair walked among the rose beds taking in their beauty, colours and perfumes.

From his garden seat he watched in awe as the wild kangaroo's grazed and frolicked only meters away.

At eye level and to his left he observed the four newly hatched wild Willie Wagtails huddled closely together in the perfectly built nest.

He collected fresh eggs for the country breakfast that awaited him.

"Will we go sight seeing this morning Alistair?"

"No hen, we'll just stay here and see the sights."

Thank you Jude, hostess extraordinaire, we enjoyed your hospitality immensely and have taken with us lasting memories of Alistair.

I thoroughly recommend "Bulwarra Bed & Breakfast", a place to build memories. Peaceful and serene, a wonderful place to relax and catch up with friends and family.

Thank you


Alison from Canberra ACT Australia

Bulwarra is the place I come to when I want to unwind and enjoy a peaceful setting. I wake and go for a wonderful walk in stunning country settings, enjoying the beautiful views and all the native and farm animals.

At night the magic of Bulwarra really comes to life. Views to Dubbo and beyond, everywhere you turn there is so much to see and the peaceful night sounds of the country, a glass of wine outside in the summer and in the winter a log fire and sitting snug and warm feeling the magic of Bulwarra.

I go home even after a few days feeling relaxed and more alive than I thought possible. I have been coming to stay for several years now and my stays are getting longer as my reluctance to leave heaven on earth is growing more each time I visit. Each season there is so much happening and I love it that I can be a part of things if I want and have the quiet times too.

Judy is a fantastic hostess catering to all her guests needs and adding those extra touches. I would thoroughly recommend Bulwarra to everyone - it is the best kept secret in Dubbo and surrounding districts.


"We loved staying at your home. It was fun. Staying at your home was even better than visiting Dubbo Zoo.

Best luck and regards,

Better than staying in a boring old motel!

Hi Judy,

Just wanted to say thank you so much - we all had an absolute ball staying at your place and it was so much better than staying in a boring old motel. Xavier and Zara loved the Sheep, Roos and Cows more than Dubbo Zoo I think.

Hope the ShooAway comes in handy in Summer.