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Enjoy our rustic home on top of Raymond Hill in Dubbo NSW for an experience like no other.

Settle down after arriving or touring the area to a quiet drink under the trees and enjoy our magnificent 360ยบ views of rural Australia. Of a night, lay on a rug under the stars (Observatory location in 'Places of Interest' for the technical night observers) which are finer then most have ever seen. Enjoy the summer nights and the absolute quiet of rural setting which most have never heard.

Animal meal packs can be bought (50 cents each honor system) for the chooks, ducks, lambs, calves and any other animal in the menagerie there on the day. You may even see wild king parrots, kangaroos,

kookaburras, kingfishers, echidna or any number of other wild life which frequent the our home grounds.

Breakfast maybe typical Aussie eggs, bacon or sausage, tomato, mushrooms and corn or a lighter Judy's special, fresh fruit smoothie (a kid's favourite) that will give you the energy for your big day out.

Locals wanting that special night away from home... read more>>

Please phone us on 0448 245 241 between 9am - 5pm for any further details or enquiries.